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What is PV To Load? (PV2L) concepts

What is PV To Load? and (PV2L) concepts

You’re probably familar with the idea of connecting Solar Panels to a Charge Controller to a Battery to an Inverter and finally, to an appliance.

PV to Load (PV2L for short) is a more efficient way to run some appliances – simply put, the load or appliance runs straight off the solar panel array. Pool and well pumps are already available that use this model. But as of this writing, there are few if any COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) choices for other PV2L appliances.

PV2L means better efficiency in terms of power transfer. Inverters and charge controllers can waste a significant amount of power due to heat and switching losses.


Efficiency is also gained by less wear and tear on components like charge controllers, inverters and of course expensive lithium ion batteries. This in turn reduces potential costs.

Charge Controller / Battery / Inverter Paradigm

PV2L does not negate the Charge Controller / Battery / Inverter paradigm – it simply adds new options outside of it. The DIY solar enthusiast can use PV2L concepts to produce his own electric power and stay free and independent, while not having to necessarily depend on more expensive components.

PV2L Heating Prototypes

A really good case for PV2L is heating – if you have a Grid Tie Inverter (GTI) supporting an AC circuit which is running resistance heating, why not just run the PV straight to a PV2L heater? Far more efficient, saves wear and tear on the GTI, and a cheaper setup overall.

I am currently recording a series of videos about converting common AC space heaters to DC PV2L appliances. Check out the video to the right an/or visit the Solar Power Edge YouTube channel at this link.

PV2L Stove and Oven Prototypes

As a solar enthusiast, inventor and tinkerer, I have developed several PV2L solar powered appliances in my workshop.

Examples so far include Direct Solar Powered Camp Stoves and Ovens.

The Direct Solar Powered Camp Stoves prototypes have 3 power levels so far. I have tested and found they work just fine for normal cooking. They have kitchen level power dissipation (hundreds of watts) and are not toys. The concept is sound, but I don’t know when these ideas will make it to store shelves.

The first public tests of the low power version of this stove and the low power camp stove were recorded on YouTube.

PV2L Direct Solar Powered COOKER or camp stove prototype testing – YouTube

PV2L Direct Solar Powered Oven prototype test – YouTube

About the Author:

DD Solar (a nickname) has over a decade of experience in solar power and renewable energy, and over 25 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. He currently operates a YouTube channel called Solar Power Edge (formerly known as DIY Solar Power Edge and DD Solar Channel) and documents some of his projects and prototypes there. (C) 2022 DIY Solar Power Edge channel / DD Solar channel / SolarPowerEdge BLOG All rights reserved. We reserve all rights.




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