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Making a cheap DIY HEPA Air Purifier

The air is dirty – fact. There’s a lot of stuff in the air that shouldn’t be, we won’t get into that here. Inside a typical home, it can be even dirtier. For this reason I have a lot of HEPA air purifiers in my home and shop.

If you have sinus issues, asthma and so forth, it is extremely important to clean the air as much as possible.

Why I wanted a DIY HEPA Air Purifier

HEPA air purifiers have gotten really expensive. I looked around for a cheap DIY option and found HRF-C1 filter cartridges are suitable for making your own cheap filter.

Keys to making a good DIY HEPA Air Purifier

The key to making a good air purifier is:
A) Finding a suitable plastic or cardboard box that you can work with (easy to cut, soft but not brittle plastic)

B) Getting a good air seal around the filter cartridge

C) Most importantly, using a centrifugal blower for the filter build instead of a typical muffin DC brushless fan.

Design Details

The centrifugal blower has better performance for high static pressure applications. In my experience that’s usually what’s inside a typical off the shelf purifier.

I made my own filter using a brittle clear plastic case (tough to work with) with RGB LED lighting – as a bonus, it runs off a DC power brick or a solar panel. The filter is still in my shop today and works fantastic.

Video of my DIY build

If you want to see the filter constructed, here is a video of that process below. Thanks for reading!

About the Author:

DD Solar (a nickname) has over a decade of experience in solar power and renewable energy, and over 25 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. He currently operates a YouTube channel called Solar Power Edge (formerly known as DIY Solar Power Edge and DD Solar Channel) and documents some of his projects and prototypes there. (C) 2022 DIY Solar Power Edge channel / DD Solar channel / SolarPowerEdge BLOG All rights reserved. We reserve all rights.






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