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PV to EV – why isn’t this everywhere?

Photovoltaic to Electric Vehicle – why can’t a person plug solar panels straight into his electric car (EV) in the driveway and charge it off the electrical grid? This concept means the car supports direct solar panel input natively, without much effort on the end user’s part.

How much more green does it get, if indeed that is the goal.

I am referring to the common man in his driveway using a built-in feature on an EV, not a $500,000 work of art in a public space as a technology demonstrator. Although those are really neat, they don’t mean anybody can plug a solar panel straight into an electric car, or everyone would be doing that already. The car needs to support this type of input natively. It’s not out of reach.

In my view, this feature should have been (and could have been) included in electric cars from the very beginning.

No doubt some DIY person with an EV will crack this code. There has to be a way to do it.

If I had an EV, I’d have already been working on it – guaranteed. Anyone want to donate an EV?

PV to EV could be abbreviated as: PV2EV, P2EV, S2EV (Solar to EV)

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